“It is definitely a treat, listen to this amazing EP. Sometimes a song resonates with you, this whole EP does that. Track after track is great.” – Life of Creed

“Her kind of voice is not something that’s done these days, which gives her a quality of rarity that reminds you of the glorious early 2000s, where her sweet, quirky voice was the absolute trend.” – No Depression Magazine

“Ashley J is a different breed and we’ll be hearing from her for years to come.” – Indie Band Guru

“Ashley J is totally a rising star in the dance music industry, someone we all need to keep our eyes on because with an effortless voice like this with a brilliant track production, she’s going to get far.” – CelebMix Magazine

“Ashley J represents one of the most formidable short form recordings to emerge from the modern pop scene in sometime.” – Vents Magazine

“No backward glances to past heroes, no reinventions, no nostalgia trips, pastiche or plagiarism or if there is it is all very well hidden by her own originality, just the sound of the pop-dance torch being picked up and carried forward.” – Dancing About Architecture

“Satisfied EP” is a collecting of fresh, modernized, and devouring musical presentations, swirling around Ashley’s intensive and mesmeric vocal with the innovative hitch.” – Skope Magazine


“Vocally, Ashley J impresses, as she allows herself to get lost in the electricity of the beat. Listeners will enjoy the melody, her passion, and the meaningful lyrics she delivers throughout.” The Ratings Game

“[Satisfied] creates its own angelic wave of beauty, with Ashley J’s pure vocals and the heightened yet subtle rhythm of the backing track.” CelebMix

“Ashley J’s “Satisfied” definitely hits its marks as a pure pop gem, but there’s so much here for any listener open minded enough to give it a chance.” Vents Magazine

“It temptingly holds back when you expect it to run wild, it builds big sounds without swamping the song with too much instrumentation and the depth and texture it carries is the result of creating enough space to let the songs individual components breath and flow…”  Dancing About Architecture

Satisfied” is one of the best pop singles in recent memory and sure to draw a lot of new ears to hear what Ashley J is doing.” – Indie Music Review

“The track is a direct, powerful and uplifting tune, which offers a neat compromise between memorable melodies and great energy.” – Band Camp Diaries

“Satisfied shows how she is blossoming as a serious musical artist and songwriter with each new cut and shows no discernible limits.” – Indie Band Guru

“Featuring a glitchy synth pop foundation, our senses are assaulted by a hypnotic, mesmerizing atmosphere, an intensifying rhythm which slowly pulls you deeper and deeper into the song, and the flawless, powerful vocal performance of Ashley J.” – Middle Tennessee Music

“Satisfied” is a poppy domineering and captivating number that liberates her in an entirely new way. Fitting nicely with her already released singles, it’s another step on her journey of empowerment.” – Urban Noize

“She couples that with a boundless youthful energy and passion that gives “Satisfied” an extra charge it might otherwise lack and makes this one of 2018’s most effective singles thus far in the young year.” – No Depression

“For it is the way of how this track works itself out, “Satisfied”, is just a track that has a lot of feeling of emotion going for it. Loads of energy, catchiness, with lots of elements of love.”  – Nataliez World