How to: Overcome Being “Overwhelmed”

Do you know that feeling of being on a roller coaster and you’re on your way up, creeping slowly but fast at the same time. The anticipation of it going up and then fly it’s way down-the exciting, crazy, wild thrill and behind it a little built of nervousness rattles inside you. Well..welcome to my week, my season, basically. Lately, this past week has been insane for me. My husband and I are adapting to so many exciting (but nerve wracking) changes in our life. It can be a tad overwhelming but exciting nonetheless! Finding a solution to feeling overwhelmed can sometimes be complicated but here are a few ways I personally deal with overwhelming feelings and situations:

Talk./Write. It. Out.

Finding someone to share your feelings with. Talking it out is such an amazing therapy. I’m blessed to have the best husband ever whose willing to hear me out, talk me out of my crazy and balance me out. I’m even more lucky to have both parents to vent to and have them help me map out my next move. And a best friend who I can literally tell ANYTHING to and she’s either been there too or knows exactly what wine I should have next! I also write. I write music, I write in a journal, I write anywhere and everywhere. You’d be so surprised what a weight writing takes off your shoulders. 


I get going. I get up and I run. I run my booty off!! I run until I physically cannot. Till the air in my lungs gets caught and I feel like my chest might explode. And then runners high comes creeping up on me, and I keep going. I just run and dance, and move and play.


Okay, this one is more on the “naughty scale.” Shopping isn’t necessarily ideal, but hey, have you ever just bought what you wanted and went on? That thrill and satisfaction of just picking out what you wanted, swiping that piece of plastic, and enjoying life as you know it. Or if you’re like me.. it’s also just a click away. And you press it. PURE. MAGIC. Trust me.

Invest In Others

I get a pleasure in pleasing people. In my own generosity to the world. I invest my time, my self, or just doing a kind deed for a stranger. I invest in myself. I pray. I seek answers, without over thinking. I remind myself I am where I am supposed to be and I breathe. I remember that I can’t do it all, but I do as much as I damn can. And I push forward. Someone once told me “the day is almost over. And a new one begins. How you lead into it, is your choice.” And bam. They were right. A new day, a new breath, a new start.

Whatever your zen is…you’ll find it within yourself. Or in your shopping cart..but either way, just remember: A new day is coming. And it’s yours, ALL YOURS! And you control it. See you on the flip side!