The Perfect: Graduation gift

It’s that time of year… gowns are flowing, the caps are being placed awkwardly on the smart minds of those who just went through educational strides! A notification just popped up to me saying I graduated college 4 YEARS AGO!!! WOAH!! Graduation was so special to me personally because, it’s a ground breaking time in your life. Me personally, I was following in the educational footsteps of my own parents. My dad, who has several masters and so forth…me, their kid, walking down the stage to what I thought I would never finish, DID! And not only in the original allotted time, but early! Yay for working hard! But on my instagram I have gotten a lot of requests for the perfect graduation gift. What do you get some one who just walked the stage to a day that will change their minds and the way they think forever? and is it necessary to give someone anything? Well that depends.

You don’t have to give someone anything, however, it’s nice. And appreciated by them for sure. I personally think something small, and sentimental is the best and most appropriate! Below are some great examples of what you could give to someone who is graduating (from ANYTHING):


Let’s be honest…High School, graduation, Beauty School, Culinary School…ANY SCHOOL…they are going to want to celebrate. With something that probably isn’t water…What better way to start the celebration than their own personalized tumbler? That they can reuse and remember every time they do, that YOU got this for them? DO it. Click the picture below to get one super fast, and personalized.


Get them what every person on this fricken earth needs…AMAZON PRIME! You can gift someone a year’s subscription for only $199. Plus..if you follow through this link below..there is a 30-day trial period, so you actually get it at a discounted rate. Make sense? Hope so. If not..message me so I can further explain. All in all..this is the gift that will literally keep on giving. FACTS. Knowledge. Graduation. You’ll be the best Person ever.


I’ve always used to shy away from this particular gift, because people can be picky about their jewelry. However..Girls in particular LOVE a little sum..sumthin’..especially if it sparkles. One of my brothers gave me a bracelet for my college graduation and I still to this day wear it and think of them, and that moment! And even better..its PERSONALIZED! YES!
These watermelon earrings are PERFECT for summer and as gift to the perfect summer graduating girl. FYI.


Well pull me close and snuggle me till I can barely breathe!! Every person find comfort in a blanket (especially after 4 years of educational torture) I. DON’T. CARE. who the are…they totally do. You do too. Some of my favorite gifts are blankets. You can always use them, never have enough, and boy don’t they all become your favorite? They also can double as a pick up line to that one special person you’re dying to get closer to… I’ll help you out if you need guidance.

Person not graduating: “ is something I think you’d like. Congrats on graduation.”

Grad: “Oh my goodness! A blanket? That’s awesome! Thank’s so much!

Person not graduating: “Maybe we could break it in by cuddling to the “Notebook” later?”

Grad:…”You know me so well.”

DONE. BAM. WOWZA! You’ll probably get married 2 years later. And if you think that’s stalker-is…So What? I stalked my husband in the 6th grade…and during our 16 years of friendship. We got married & are planning a family. So whose weird now? Us. : )…(He stalked me too. It wasn’t creepy. Just kept an eye on what would be ours one day!)


You can never go wrong with the simple. Smell good. Beautiful fresh cut flowers. It’s as safe as you can get!

Whatever you decide will be the PERFCT gift, because it came from you! Don’t stress over the small stuff. They will love the thought of whatever you hand them. And if they don’t..they’re rude and don’t deserve it. Just keep in mind, that it’s a crazy time for someone in their life..and you just being there shows you care, respect them, and love to watch them grow. You’re the perfect gift! Have fun, and cheer on your loved one as they cross the stage to excellence! See y’all on the flippity!